These are tools you “don’t need..” but make your weaving experience more fun, and your output more uniform.

You can successfully use corrugated paper, construction flooring paper (the stuff your contractor lays down to protect your floors during a remodeling job), even old window shades, either the plastic ones or old wooden blinds, as a warp backing as you beam on.  They all work.  The question is.. do they work well.  And the answer is.. well.. usually.  But when they don’t you’ve got an uneven warp you’ve spent some period of time creating, and in the end, an unevenly woven piece…. likely not what you were going for.  Warping Sticks replace paper or other backings.  Not only do they offer a uniform surface for the warp, but as you weave they can be transferred to your cloth beam, where they’ll reward you by helping to maintain an even tension as you roll your finished work forward.

Temples are “highly controversial.”  Some people swear by them, some people make do with home made versions, some people think using a temple is cheating and real weavers don’t use them.  And the rest of us use them when the situation warrants.  Temples come in metal or wood.. I prefer wood, so that’s what is stocked at the farm store.


Warping Sticks:

27″ or 39″.. measure your beam to make sure you’re ordering the size that fits!


We prefer and stock wooden temples in several sizes.

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I need..

Warping Sticks (24) : 27", Warping Sticks (24) : 39", #19 Temple 8"-10", #20 Temple 12"-16", #22 Temple 20"-31", #23 Temple 24"-36"


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