Table top looms, or small portable looms, are where many weavers begin their obsession engaging hobby.  However, almost all serious weavers have both a table top and a floor loom, so it is important to choose a table top you won’t quickly outgrow.

Which is why I’m not a fan of rigid heddle looms.  I know they can be fun, extremely portable, and with some ingenuity can achieve some complex weave structures, but you’re going to invest a fair amount of cash in a rigid heddle.. and then want a four harness.  Why not start out with the loom that will allow you to explore challenging designs right from the start?

The Victoria is the perfect tabletop loom, where a small loom is needed. Space saving and easy to move or transport even when warped it’s a good choice where space and portability are an issue, a nice starter loom for a new weaver, and has sufficient harnesses to challenge and inspire the experienced weaver.

The Victoria is delivered as, as are all table tops, a hand operated table model.  The shed is created by hand levers, which you lock in open shed position.  However, the loom can be mounted on a floor stand, at which point, you can add a treadle kit as well, making it a light weight, highly portable, 4 shaft floor loom.

Victoria has 27″ inside width, and is 26″ tall. It is equipped with 4 shafts, and comes with 500 texsolv heddles, a helpful book, and a boat shuttle.  

Joy in a box, just add fiber!

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