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We carry a selection of our favorite shuttles at our farm store in Craftsbury Common (VT), but we can also order directly from the manufacturer for you if you’re looking for something we don’t usually carry.  One of the less common shuttles we carry and swear by is the dual shuttle.  A dual shuttle carries two fibers through the shed, and because you’re using two separate quills the weft is going to be a uniform tension.  It is such an improvement over either trying to wind off of two cones onto the same bobbin, or throwing two different shuttles.

If you visit you will find a complete list of shuttles, including their roller shuttles and mini-shuttle.  While we don’t stock these, we’re happy to order them for you.

Shipping is calculated separately, or you can stop by at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in October and pick up your order directly… or, of course, pop by the farm store.  We’re only one town over from Hill Farmstead Brewery!

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Glimakra Hardwood Shuttles:

A quick word on shuttles… it is almost, note the word almost, impossible to own too many shuttles.. but eventually you’ll realize you’re using certain shuttles over and over, and they’ve become your favorites.  I have battered shuttles nobody in their right mind would consider decent, but they’re perfect for carrying over-wound bobbins of wool when I’m doing rugs.  And I have lighter 06 shuttles which are just a joy to hold.

Weaving is an unfortunately expensive hobby in some ways, but the right shuttle just turns the entire experience into a relaxing joy.  To that end, we carry:

06: 11.25″ long, with a 5″ box : this is a nice “light” shuttle that fits easily in the hand

07: 12″ long with a 5″ box : a heavier shuttle, this is the shuttle I use for weaving wool rugs

12: 12.25″, two box shuttle: boxes 3.75″

Quills for #12 shuttle

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Weight 3 lbs

06: 11.25" shuttle, 07: 12" long shuttle, 12: two box shuttle, Quills for the two box shuttle


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