Our natural grey Icelandic and German Angora blend contains a whopping 20% angora for a luxury soft loft in a worsted weight yarn.  Which we believe is, frankly, unwearable in a sweater.  Angora is, pound for pound, much warmer than wool, and while it does breathe better than wool, if such a thing is imaginable, a whole worsted weight sweater containing 20% angora and Icelandic.. well, it would have to be a very cold day!

So we make Lord John Grey’s 18th century wet felted mittens, so warm, light, and durable they’re a marvel of history for your hands, and our own Scotch Bonnets out of this yarn.

We overdye the grey with indigo, in a process you can read about here, and do occasionally use modern dyes over the grey to achieve other colors, but you’ll find those at our farm stand as the dye lots are often only one or two skeins.

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80% Icelandic wool from our sheep, 20% German angora from our rabbits.  Our wool is processed locally at the Hampton Mill in Richmond, Vermont, and when it is dyed, it is dyed here on our farm using natural plant dyes or acid dyes in small (usually not more than 8 skein) lots.

Indigo will naturally “crock.”  Crocking is part of the dying process, it is the indigo which was not able to bond to the fiber when exposed to air shaking off, and your hands may turn a light blue as you work with the wool.  This is harmless, part of the process of working with natural indigo, and rinses off with water.

When you finish your piece wash it gently in cool water (unless you’re felting it.. then wash it in hot water, soap, and have fun tossing it around!).  In the case of an indigo piece, rinse until the water runs clear, usually about 5 rinses does it.

4 oz skeins.

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Weight .25 lbs
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Natural Icelandic Grey, Indigo Overdye