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Our Icelandic wool hand woven into Scandinavian stye Krokbragd weft faced rugs.  The earliest preserved pieces of this type of weave date from the 18th century, but boundweave is believed to be one of the earliest forms of multi-shaft weaving.

No two carpets are the same, and each year only a handful are produced.  It take two years to bring a carpet to fruition, from a lamb born in spring, to autumn shearing, to processing the wool at a local mill, to dying the wool, and, finally, to beginning to weave the carpet, it can be a full three years before a rug is finished and available.

Consequently, there are no custom orders.  Nobody has that kind of patience!

Each rug contains 7 to 8 skeins of worsted weight wool in hand dyed or natural colors.  The warp is a cotton, in a whimsical color, and the rugs are finished using a Maori Edge, which allows the fringe to either lie flat to the back of the rug, for a crisp finish, or out from the rug, if you want to show the fun.

The first rug, in natural colors, is 40″x24″, the second in a balanced autumnal color way measures 35.5 x 24, and the third, which is modeled on a sunset over one of our local small lakes, measures 36 x 24.  The rugs are quite soft and wear well as carpets, but we do know some people will insist they are too pretty to walk on, and hang them as tapestries.

They are, however, rather nice carpets for bare feet to land on!

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100% wool weft faced carpets on a cotton carpet warp.  Rugs can be vacuumed, just don’t use the carpet beater too vigorously.  If your carpet needs that much vigor take it outside and give it a shake.

To wash, fill a bathtub with cool water and a mild detergent until you can submerge the rug.  Wool fibers trap a surprising amount of air, so let your carpet soak for at least a half hour before lifting it in and out of the wash water several times.  Address any stained areas, but do not rub or brush too briskly.  Rinse in cool water, usually twice does it for me, by emptying the tub and refilling it to cover the carpet.  Lift the carpet in and out of the water, then drain, fill, and repeat.

Roll in a bath towel and walk down the length of the roll to squeeze the water out.  Lay flat on a dry towel in a warm spot.  Check the rug and flip it every now and then to make it dry faster.

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