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10% our German angora bunny blended with local merino makes a bouncy, lofty, knitting wool.  We work this up on a size 2 for Bree’s Lace Mittens, a one skein project if you’re making a woman’s small/medium, and on a size 8 for scarves or shawls, which allows the angora it’s full and lovely bloom.

We offer this in a natural white, indigo, and occasionally other plant dyed shades, such as Jewel Weed, or what we call the Time Traveler’s Dye.  We’ll post other colors as we have them available, or you can find them at our farm stand in Craftsbury Common, VT

Dying with indigo is fascinating, read about here. 

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10% our German angora bunny blended with local merino in 2 oz skeins (1 skein makes a pair of Bree’s lace mittens in a small/medium, 2 makes a generous scarf).

Indigo will naturally “crock.”  Crocking is part of the dying process, it is the indigo which was not able to bond to the fiber when exposed to air shaking off, and your hands may turn a light blue as you work with the wool.  This is harmless, part of the process of working with natural indigo, and rinses off with water.

When you finish your piece wash it gently in cool water, block dry flat. In the case of an indigo piece, rinse until the water runs clear, usually about 5 rinses does it.

2 oz skeins.

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Weight .125 lbs
Available Colors

Natural White, Indigo Overdye