Farm Visits

I have a cautionary tale I tell friends who want to open their farms up to visitors…  the guilty parties shall remain nameless, but our first farm was in the resort area of Stowe and for reasons I can’t explain, or fully understand, our farm ended up listed as an attraction, and on google maps.

Very rarely would someone just drive up and expect to be entertained.. for one thing, their gps would become confused in the wilderness of the back roads… but there were a couple of memorable occasions when people showed up unannounced.

Like the van that pulled into the driveway loaded to the teeth with young children and their mothers.  This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem, but unfortunately the farmer was in the shower at the time.

Even more unfortunately, these children had obviously never been exposed to livestock in anything other than a youtube video and as I’m standing in my all and all peeping out the windows I see to my utter horror the van doors fly open and a half dozen children leap out and run, full tilt and shrieking, at my flock.  My flock which is made up of newborn lambs and their mothers, who as a body leap to their feet and start to run headlong into the fences hemming them in.

Meanwhile the children begin clamoring over the fences.  Which is the point at which I bolted out of the house with the only towel I had to hand.. the dish towel.. and charged into the fray.

It was a moment.

You can learn so much at a farm.. how to act around young animals.  What female anatomy looks like.  How to curse like a sailor..

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s likely that particular family won’t be dropping in on another farm unexpectedly, and that they learned some respect for fencing and young animals.. but there are ways to achieve that which aren’t quite so memorable.

  • Farm visits can be arranged in advance if you want to be sure of the shop being open.
  • If the Open sign is out.. we’re here, stop on by!
  • We have dogs.. and we ask that you either not bring yours, or not let it out until we’ve secured ours.   Ours are very friendly golden retrievers, but even the friendliest dogs can become loud and boisterous when confronting another dog.
  • We have sheep (and chickens)… if your dog is not familiar with how to behave around livestock they’ll have to stay on a leash.
  • And we like hosting kids for visits.. they often confuse chores with fun, we really like those kids.  We do ask that you not approach the fencing without someone with you, and do not try to feed the sheep (sheep can bite.. did you know that?  And the protocol at the local hospital for a sheep bite is the same as for a lion bite… mind you, the sheep bite took only 2 stitches, and you have to think a lion bite might take more, but it’s interesting trivia to know… and the fact is I was trying to shove a pill down the sheep’s throat at the time and probably deserved to be bitten, but the teeth are sharp and little fingers are small and easily confused with a fistful of weeds).
  • As a general rule we’re able to receive visitors by 10 am.. and are ready to pack in the day around 5:00.
  • And, with a nod to the original Wool and Feathers.. we are never open on a Tuesday.
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If it fits… it ships, in the smallest flat rate box available, or by the least expensive carrier we have access to.  If the order is large and heavy we will get back to you with the shipping cost.  We usually ship within 24 hours of receiving an order.

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Privacy and Mailing Lists

We do not sell your name or contact information, period.

We do use the names in our database to let folks know when we have new materials, or to keep you informed of invents or when and where we’ll be during the farm and craft show season.

To Opt Out of mailings, let us know you’re not happy and we’ll figure out how to delete you.  We’re new to this mailing list thing, so be patient!

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Reserving or Holding Fiber

Because we produce in small quantities, and because we source from the garment industry… and those lots will also be limited, we do accept reservations in advance for our farm wool and incoming sourced yarns.  If you’ve requested a specific yarn.. for example, three skeins from this year’s indigo dye series, we will accommodate you first.  If you’ve received an advance mailing and wish to reserve yarn, please let us know so we can set your order aside.

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